100 companies most funded by crowdfunding


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Top 100 Crowdfunded Companies

Top 100 Crowdfunded Companies

Crowdfunding is more than just the latest trend — it’s an increasingly effective way to jumpstart a business with much needed cash. For Entrepreneur’s first-ever Top 100 Crowdfunded Companies listing, we partnered with the Crowdfunding Academy, a crowdfunding-support service, and Babson College to compile the companies whose campaigns raised the most money in the last year.

Check out the full listing below.

No. Name of Company Category Product Funded Amount Funding Platform Founder
and/or CEO
1 Ouya Video Games Open-source game console $8.6 million Kickstarter Julie Uhrman
2 inXile entertainment Video Games Torment: Tides of Numenera, computer game $4.19 million Kickstarter Brian Fargo
3 Obsidian Entertainment Video Games Project Eternity, computer game $3.99 million Kickstarter Feargus Urquhart
4 Reaper Miniatures Games Bones gaming miniatures $3.43 million Kickstarter Ed Pugh
5 Formlabs Technology Form 1, 3-D printer $2.95 million Kickstarter Maxim Lobovsky, David Cranor, Natan Linder
6 Tile Technology Lost-and-found location device $2.68 million Selfstarter Nick Evans, Mike Farley
7 MS Paint Adventures Video Games Homestuck, online game $2.49 million Kickstarter Andrew Hussie
8 Oculus VR Technology Oculus Rift, virtual-reality headset $2.44 million Kickstarter Palmer Luckey, Brendan Iribe
9 WobbleWorks Hardware 3Doodler, 3-D printing pen $2.34 million Kickstarter Peter Dilworth, Maxwell Bogue
10 Apigy Technology Lockitron, keyless-entry app $2.28 million Selfstarter Cameron Robertson, Paul Gerhardt
11 Cryptozoic Entertainment Video Games Hex, trading-card and online game $2.28 million Kickstarter John Nee, Cory Jones
12 CoolMiniOrNot Tabletop Games Zombicide: Season 2, board game $2.26 million Kickstarter Chern Ann Ng, David Doust
13 City State Entertainment Video Games Camelot Unchained, online game $2.23 million Kickstarter Mark Jacobs, Andrew Meggs
14 Uber Entertainment Video Games Planetary Annihilation, video game $2.23 million Kickstarter Jon Mavor, Bob Berry
15 Cloud Imperium Games Video Games Star Citizen, video game $2.13 million Kickstarter Chris Roberts
16 Kingdom Death Tabletop Games Kingdom Death: Monster, board game $2.05 million Kickstarter Adam Poots
17 Portalarium Video Games Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues, video game $1.92 million Kickstarter Richard Garriott, Dallas Snell
18 Dwarven Forge Tabletop Games Game Tiles miniature terrain $1.91 million Kickstarter Stefan Pokorny
19 Palladium Books Tabletop Games Robotech RPG Tactics, battle game $1.44 million Kickstarter Kevin Siembieda
20 Pirate3D Hardware The Buccaneer, 3-D printer $1.44 million Kickstarter Roger Chang
21 Lifx Labs Technology Lifx, Wi-Fi-enabled LED light bulb $1.31 million Kickstarter Phil Bosua
22 Dekko Internet Technology Augmented-reality startup $1.3 million MicroVentures Matt Miesnieks
23 DecisionDesk Technology Application tracking system $1.25 million Fundable John Knific, Marc Plotkin, Eric Neuman
24 Double Fine and 2 Player Productions Video Games Massive Chalice, computer game $1.23 million Kickstarter Tim Schafer (Double Fine); Paul Owens, Paul Levering, Asif Siddiky (2 Player Productions)
25 Mantic Entertainment Tabletop Games Deadzone, sci-fi tabletop miniatures game $1.22 million Kickstarter Ronnie Renton
26 SmartThings Technology Connects objects to the internet $1.21 million Kickstarter Alex Hawkinson
27 TechJect Design Dragonfly, micro aerial vehicle $1.14 million Indiegogo Jayant Ratti
28 Invent-A-Part Hardware RigidBot 3D Printer $1.09 million Kickstarter Michael Lundwall
29 Goblinworks Video Games Pathfinder Online, online game $1.09 million Kickstarter Ryan Scott Dancey
30 Flint and Tinder Fashion The 10-Year Hoodie $1.05 million Kickstarter Jake Bronstein
31 Central Standard Timing Product Design CST-01, ultra-thin watch $1.03 million Kickstarter Dave Vondle, Jerry O’Leary
32 Secret Labs and House of Horology Product Design Agent, smart watch $1.01 million Kickstarter Chris Walker (Secret Labs); Lawrence Leyderman (House of Horology)
33 Bespoke Cloud Technology 3-D printing services $1 million Fundable Aaron Breuer
34 Pencil Test Studios Video Games Armikrog, video game $975K Kickstarter Mike Dietz, Ed Schofield
35 Larian Studios Video Games Divinity: Original Sin, computer game $944K Kickstarter Swen Vincke
36 StickNFind Technologies Design Bluetooth-powered location stickers $932K Indiegogo Jimmy Buchheim
37 MERCS Minis Tabletop Games Myth, fantasy board game $926K Kickstarter Brian Shotton, Kenny Sim, Keith Lowe
38 CoolMiniOrNot Tabletop Games Relic Knights Darkspace Calamity, miniatures game $910K Kickstarter Chern Ann Ng, David Doust
39 Syntellia Technology Fleksy, keyboard app $900K Fundable Kostas Eleftheriou, Ioannis Verdelis
40 Adapteva Hardware Parallella, supercomputer $899K Kickstarter Andreas Olofsson
41 Securifi Hardware Almond+, Wi-Fi router with a touchscreen $856K Kickstarter Rammohan Malasani
42 Misfit Wearables Design Misfit Shine, wireless activity tracker $847K Indiegogo Sonny Vu, Sridhar Iyengar, John Sculley
43 Lab Zero Games Gaming Skullgirls, video game $829K Indiegogo Peter Bartholow
44 Radiant Entertainment Video Games Stonehearth, video game $752K Kickstarter Tom Cannon,Tony Cannon
45 Crucial Detail Product Design Porthole infuser $736K Kickstarter Martin Kastner
46 Mantic Entertainment Games Dreadball, board game $729K Kickstarter Ronnie Renton
47 Onyx Path Publishing Tabletop Games Exalted 3rd Edition, role-playing game $685K Kickstarter Richard Thomas
48 Minimal Product Design Taktik, iPhone case $681K Kickstarter Scott Wilson
49 RoBo 3D Printer Technology Open-source 3-D printer $650K Kickstarter Coby Kabili, Mike Pilkington, Braydon Moreno
50 PlayJam Hardware Game Stick, portable TV- games console $648K Kickstarter Jasper Smith
51 Seco and AidiLab Hardware Udoo, mini PC $642K Kickstarter Daniele Conti (Seco); Maurizio Caporali (AidiLab); Antonio Rizzo
52 Click & Grow Hardware Smart Herb Garden $626K Kickstarter Mattias Lepp
53 D2M | Design to Matter Product Design Instacube, photo-streaming device $621K Kickstarter Andy Butler
54 Albino Dragon Graphic Design The Name of the Wind, playing cards $590K Kickstarter Erik Dahlman
55 Nomiku Food Sous-vide machine $586K Kickstarter Abe Fetterman, Lisa Q. Fetterman
56 CoolMiniOrNot Tabletop Games Rivet Wars, miniatures board game $582K Kickstarter Chern Ann Ng, David Doust
57 Amiigo Technology Fitness-tracking bracelet $581K Indiegogo David Scott, Abe Carter
58 Radiate Athletics Technology Color-changing workout clothes $580K Kickstarter Kenneth Crockett, Jared Casey
59 Lumio Product Design Modern lamp that unfolds like a book $578K Kickstarter Max Gunawan
60 Skell Design Bug-A-Salt, insect-eradication device $578K Indiegogo Lorenzo Maggiore
61 Chaosium Games Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition, role-playing game $562K Kickstarter Charlie Krank
62 Impossible Product Design Impossible Instant Lab, device that prints iPhone photos $559K Kickstarter André Bosman
63 Machines of Death Tabletop Games Machine of Death, card game $557K Kickstarter David Malki, Kris Straub
64 Olive Media Technology Olive One, home music player $552K Indiegogo Oliver Bergmann, Robert Altmann
65 Subutai Video Games Clang, sword-fighting game $526K Kickstarter Mark Teppo, Neal Stephenson
66 Monte Cook Tabletop Games Numenera, role-playing game $517K Kickstarter Monte Cook
67 Parhelion Technology Firefly, blue laser lamp $502K Kickstarter Sarah Redpath, Richard Redpath
68 Woodenshark Hardware Lightpack, ambient backlight for electronic displays $501K Kickstarter Dmitry Gorilovsky
69 Glowing Plant Technology Project to create glowing plants $484K Kickstarter Antony Evans, Omri Amirav-Drory, Kyle Taylor
70 Arkami Technology myIDkey, voice-search, secure USB drive $473K Kickstarter Tareq Risheq, Mark Thacker
71 Boosted Boards Product Design Electric longboard $467K Kickstarter Sanjay Dastoor, Matthew Tran, John Ulmen
72 Gustin Fashion Handcrafted jeans $450K Kickstarter Josh Gustin, Stephen Powell
73 Oru Kayak Product Design Full-size origami boat $444K Kickstarter Ardy Sobhani, Anton Willis
74 Foodie Media Network Food Celebrity Webchefs, cooking videos featuring celebrities $435K Fundable Bill Baker, Chris Breed
75 Evil Hat Productions Tabletop Games Fate Core, role-playing game $433K Kickstarter Fred Hicks, Rob Donoghue
76 Stone Blade Entertainment Video Games SolForge, digital trading-card game $430K Kickstarter Justin Gary
77 Ministry of Supply Fashion Performance dress shirts $429K Kickstarter Gihan Amarasiriwardena, Kit Hickey, Aman Advani
78 N/A Product Design NeoLucida, portable camera lucida $425K Kickstarter Pablo Garcia, Golan Levin
79 Off-Grid Solutions Hardware WakaWaka, compact solar-power station and light $419K Kickstarter Maurits Groen, Camille van Gestel
80 Mindarin Product Design Astro, motion-control device for time-lapse photography $413K Kickstarter Carlos Pendas, Oscar Ramírez
81 N/A Video Games Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption, computer role-playing game $409K Kickstarter Corey Cole, Lori Cole
82 Bia Sport Product Design Bia, GPS sports watch $408K Kickstarter Cheryl Kellond, Sylvia Marino
83 Days of Wonder Video Games Small World 2, video game $394K Kickstarter Eric Hautemont
84 Original Grain Fashion All-natural wood and stainless- steel watches $391K Kickstarter Jasem Dulany, A.J. Beltran, Ryan Beltran
85 Onyx Path Publishing Games Deluxe Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition $380K Kickstarter Richard Thomas
86 Cregle Product Design iPen 2, universal stylus $369K Kickstarter Sam Jang
87 Japanime Games Tabletop Games Krosmaster Arena, anime-miniatures board game $367K Kickstarter Eric Price
88 Cantrip Games Tabletop Games Story War, storytelling party game $363K Kickstarter Tom McLean, Brad O’Farrell
89 N/A Tabletop Games Settlers of Catan, gaming board $361K Kickstarter Bill Trammel, Nate Veldkamp
90 1:Face Watch Fashion Fashion watches that benefit charities $357K Indiegogo Fam Mirza
91 CoolMiniOrNot Tabletop Games Kaosball, fantasy-sports game $357K Kickstarter Chern Ann Ng, David Doust
92 Innovative Developments Hardware Mycestro, 3-D mouse $354K Kickstarter Nick Mastandrea
93 Open Source RF Hardware RFduino, wireless-enabled microcontroller $353K Kickstarter Armen Kazanchian
94 Phone Halo Technology Button TrackR, tracking device $352K Indiegogo Christian Smith, Chris Herbert
95 Space Monkey Technology Cloud-storage device $350K Kickstarter Clint Gordon-Carroll, Alen Peacock
96 KeySmart Product Design Minimalist key ring $330K Kickstarter Michael Patrick
97 TGT Fashion Tight wallets $317K Kickstarter Jack Sutter
98 Indivisible Fashion Trakline, men’s belt $316K Kickstarter Robin Laatz
99 Wool&Prince Fashion Wrinkle- and odor-free wool button-down shirt $314K Kickstarter Mac Bishop, Mike Major, Katie Elks
100 BigiDesign Product Design Solid titanium pen/stylus $313K Kickstarter Chadwick Parker, Joe Huang


The methodology for ranking the Top 100 Crowdfunded Companies was developed at the behest of Entrepreneur by Asheesh Advani, Crowdfunding Academy and Babson College. Crowdfunding Academy researched various U.S.-based crowdfunding websites to determine which companies in the categories of general business, technology, fashion, food, product design and gaming raised the most capital during the period from July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013. Charity and cause-related campaigns, as well as art, creative and nonprofit community projects, were excluded from consideration. Equity-based platforms submitted information on qualifying business financing that was verified by Crowdfunding Academy when possible.

This ranking is based on what we believe to be the most accurate information available. However, the information contained in this ranking is not intended to be an endorsement, advertisement or recommendation of any particular business identified herein and is intended solely as a research tool for comparing various business and investment opportunities. Entrepreneur stresses that you should always conduct independent research and investigation before investing money in any business; this may include getting help and advice from appropriate financial and legal experts.

Read more: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/229477#ixzz2j1STCgNS


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