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Monday’s explosions at the Boston marathon that killed three and injured nearly 200 shocked the nation, showing the depth of human wickedness.

Following the dreadful act of terror, individuals from across the world came together to show their support for the victims and their families, donating thousands of dollars to crowdfunding campaigns set up on the victims’ behalf.

– After Boston Marathon Bombings, Google, Authorities Look to Crowd for Help

The campaigns are collecting money to cover medical expenses for those who were seriously injured in the bombings. The most visible ones have already raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, just a day or two after launching to the public.

There’s the Celeste & Sydney Recovery Fund on GoFundMe, set up to help a mother who lost both legs below the knee, and her severely injured daughter. The campaign was created by one of their cousins and was able to raise $200,000 in the first day; currently, it stands at $295,000.

There’s also the Help for Patrick and Jess campaign on GiveForward. The couple, married just in August, lost their left legs below the knee. The fundraising campaign has so far raised $205,000, with more money pouring in by the minute.

One of the most memorable and tragic photos to emerge from the bombing depicted Jeffrey Bauman, who lost both of his legs from the knee down in the explosion. His friends came together and created the Bucks for Bauman campaign on GoFundMe to help with the impending medical bills. That campaign has raised $85,000 in just over a day.

The crowdfunding campaigns give people who want to help a way to do so. While the vast majority of the fundraising campaigns are genuine and well-intentioned, there is always the potential for fraudsters to capitalize on the tragedy, as Letitia Wright pointed out in this article. She gives several tips on how to avoid getting scammed, but those who are still skeptical about giving money to a personal campaign can donate to the funds set up by the Salvation Army, the Massachusetts General Hospital, or The One Fund, created by Boston’s mayor and the state’s governor.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen crowdfunding used to help victims in the wake of a tragedy. Last summer, hundreds of thousands of dollars were pledged following the shooting at a Sikh temple in Milwaukee. Back in October, a campaign for 15 year-old Pakistani activist Malala Yousufzai raised $50,000. Similar initiatives were set up for victims of the Sandy Hook shootings, and those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

If you know of other crowdfunding campaigns set up to help marathon victims, please share them in the comments below.

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