Twitter chat on equity crowdfunding on June 27 with #itbcrowfund


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#itbcrowdfund – A Twitter chat on crowdfunding

With the explosion of sites modeled after Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and talk of U.S. style, equity-based crowdfunding coming to Canada, the time seems ripe for another discussion about crowdfunding and the direction it is taking.

Join us here at for a Twitter chat on crowdfunding, slated for 2:00 PM EST on Thursday, June 27 at the hashtag #itbcrowdfund.

If you’re looking for a sample of the kinds of things we’ll be discussing, check out the questions posted below. We’re excited to talk crowdfunding with you and get the discussion going. See you on Twitter!

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.
Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

1. Have you ever donated to a crowdfunding campaign or started one? What was your experience with that?

2. We’ve heard a few cautionary tales about potential scams. Who should be held responsible?

3. What are some of the things you look for when choosing a campaign to support?

4. Any guidelines for people looking to start a crowdfunding campaign?

5. What models of crowdfunding seem to be the most successful among tech startups?

6. What are the best ways to market a crowdfunding campaign, once it’s out there and launched?

7. Some say Canada shouldn’t follow after the U.S. with another JOBS Act or equity crowdfunding. Thoughts?

8. There are so many different crowdfunding sites out there. Any specific ones that would be helpful to startup founders?

9. With so many different crowdfunding sites popping up, what will the crowdfunding industry look like in a few years?

10. What role do you feel crowdfunding will play in the future?

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“Après un master II entrepreneuriat, c’est en travaillant sur le financement des startups que j’ai découvert le crowdfunding. Passionné par la nouveauté et le web j’ai co-créé Good Morning Crowdfunding pour faire connaître ce marché."