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Brendan Fraser Featured in Hollywood Crowdfunding Parody: ‘I Would Also Like a Movie, Please’

Brendan Fraser wants a movie, and — like fellow celebs Kristen Bell, Zach Braff, and James Franco — he wants your money to make it. But unlike Bell, Braff, and Franco, he’s a little hazy on the details.

In a new parody video for The Onion’s celebrity gossip program « Starfix, » Fraser launches a hilariously inept Kickstarter campaign, which begins with an absurd tweet: « I would like to apply for one Kickstarter, please. »

The « Mummy » star fleshes out his ask over on his blog, writing, « My friend Zach told me that Kickstarter is giving him money to make a movie. I would also like a movie, please. It will be a good, fun movie and star me, Brendan Fraser. If I win, I will make sure the story is inspirational to poor people. »

To sweeten the deal, Fraser promises he’ll jazz dance in the movie; send 19 people his own T-shirts (he has 20, but he needs one for himself); and visit your home and stay for as long as he can, among other things.

Even more ridiculous, his official application to Kickstarter includes a headshot, a handwritten cover letter, jelly beans, and a VHS copy of « Monkey Bone. »

The gag — which doesn’t actually star the living, breathing Fraser; he’s simply a foil — ends with the « news » that Fraser has raised over $1 million so far, despite providing zero details on his proposed film.

Brendan Fraser: ‘I Would Like To Apply For One Kickstarter, Please’

Another celebrity to have gotten in on the Kickstarter send-up bandwagon is « The League »‘s Jon LaJoie, who solicits money in a joke YouTube clip on a bid to get « Jay-Z rich. »

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